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Getting a tattoo is not a decision made lightly. That piece of art will be on your body for the rest of your life. You'll need to think about what it will look like when you're older, what your kids/grandkids will think of what is on your body. If you'll need to cover up what you've got for work, or if you think you'll be embarrased later in life. Don't get a tattoo if you think it looks "cool" get it if it means something to you. Tattoo removal is a painful and expensive process, and a tattoo cover-up limits your choices for a good looking tattoo.

I've been tattooing now for a little over a year, and I think for someone who is self taught that I'm damn good.

You will see some art that is finished and some that is work in progress (all labeled accordingly)

This is my second ever tattoo. This one was done freehand as I had no stencils yet. (approx 2.5 hrs) and then a few months later - re-touched :)

This next one (obviously) is my 3rd tattoo done via stencil, and needs shading and color (approx 1 hr) and next photo is a retouch :)

Here are my 4th & 5th tattoo's (3 pics total showing detail then together)

(approx 1.5 hrs each pegasus)

After these were done I started the rest of this backpiece. The following pictures are the beginnings of his castle...

(approx 2 hrs)

(approx 1.5 hrs each additional tower)

(some of the brick detail approx 2 hrs)

In our next sessions I will be adding the detail (bricks) to the castle towers, then a moat, sea serpants, dragons and a wizard. Check back often to see the progress!!

(small update...not sure if I'll get to finish his backpiece or not...he's kinda locked away right now)

Following (in order of when they were done) are the rest of my tattoos...

(LOVE in Kanji approx 35mins)

(re-color approx 30 mins)

(unicorn approx 2 hrs)

(Yosamitie approx 1.5 hrs)

Here's the pic of Yosamitie that I accidentally deleted before. He looks a little rough now only cuz I took the pic on day 4, so he was in the middle of the healing process. As you can see from his moustache it looks splotchy.

ALMOST DONE :) (total time both sessions 4 hours)

(Ram approx 2 hrs)

(spider (small home tattoo cover-up) approx 40 mins)

I don't have all the pictures of the ones I've completed since then (camera & computer have been acting up) but here's one that I did manage to salvage.


She wanted something a little more "girly", it is still work in progress, as we have to fill in more of the vines, and the support for the leaf, but so far it looks good (and still looks good)

Another tattoo to add to my small collection of artwork a sun. This one is done on a friend of mine's husband (it was his Christmas present from her) Thanks you guys :)


Took a trip out of state, here are a few tattoos I did while I was gone...


Armband of a thorny vine, all the way around the arm.

did a few on my husband - the pics should go here... (they'll be up by the end of the month I hope)

two more on my brother-in-law (by the way Dave, I need new pics of these)


Took another trip out of's the majority of the pictures...still waiting for a couple to come back (they didn't turn out too good from my camera)

the underneath of ths armband is not as blurry as the picture shows my camera is a piece of crap.

waiting for new picture of this one...couldn't get it close enough (plus it looks yellow)

Looks like I will need to take another pic of this one...cannot see detail of the fairy's face or in the rose it's sitting on. - but it's up here - you're on the web!! LOL

another picture of this one will be up later also, a little too much light on the one side making it look washy instead of dark.

Trying to get some more work ligned up, check back to see if there are any more posted!

Thanks for viewing!!

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This page (when a few more pictures are added) will be indexed according to the tattoo. Also if you're in the NE Ohio area and would like a tattoo, please email me for an appointment (or just to ask me a few questions) at moondogtat2.

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